[JavaScript] Getting the Position of the Mouse Pointer

There are a couple of ways to determine the coordinates of a mouse pointer. The position can be determined in a browser or in a screen.

1. window.event Object

The “window.event” object provides the following properties:

  • window.event.x / window.event.y: offset from the closest relatively positioned parent element
  • window.event.clientX / window.event.clientY : relative to the client area of the window, excluding window decorations and scroll bars
  • window.event.screenX / window.event.screenY : relative to the user’s screen
<div id="outer" style="position:relative;left:100px;top:100px;">
<div id="inner" style="width:400px;height:100px;background-color:Gray;">

Add the click event handler to the inner div.

document.getElementById("inner").onclick = onClicked;

function onClicked() {
  alert(window.event.x + ", " + window.event.y);
  alert(window.event.clientX + ", " + window.event.clientY);
  alert(window.event.screenX + ", " + window.event.screenY);

When you clicked anywhere in the inner div, 3 coordinates are all different. If there is no relative parent, “event.x” and “event.clientX” will return the same value.


2. Standard Event Object

The standard event object provides “clientX”, “clientY”, “screenX”, and “screenY” properties.

document.getElementById("inner").onclick = onClicked;

function onClicked(e) {
  alert(e.clientX + "," + e.clientY);
  alert(e.screenX + "," + e.screenY);


3. jQuery

jQuery provides the normalized “pageX” and “pageY” properties. The “clientX”, “clientY”, “screenX”, and “screenY” properties can be used but they are not normalized.

$(document).ready(function () {

function onClicked(e) {
  alert(e.pageX + ", , " + e.pageY);
  alert(e.screenX + "," + e.screenY);

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