[Web API] Web API Views

This post shows how to create a simple view to see the result of Web API requests.


1. Web API View?

This is not quite right terminology. Web API is a service and not accessed by web in general. But without creating client application, you can test Web API actions in an MVC application.


2. Showing Data from GET Request

We are not creating a view from the controller.

You can start from any View and use some JavaScript code. Please look at my previous posts how to create Web API actions.

@{ ViewBag.Title = "APITest"; }
<ul id="videos"></ul>
@section scripts

Now in the “scripts” section, add the following JavaScript code.

  var productAPI = (function () {
    var getUrl = @Url.RouteUrl("DefaultApi",
new { httproute="", controller = "Products" });
    var getProducts = function () {
      return $.ajax(getUrl);
    return {
     getProducts : getProducts

  $(function () {
    productAPI.getProducts().done(function (data) {
      $.each(data, function (index, element) {
        $('#videos').append($('<li>', {
          text: element.Id + ': ' + element.Name

The return data is JSON and automatically deserialized for you.


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