The Sublime Object of Ideology

  • Title: The Sublime Object of  Ideology
  • Author: Slavoj Zizek
  • Published: 1989
  • Publisher: Verso
  • ISBN: 978-1-84467-300-1

How can philosophy restructured as a new mode of seeing the world? Zizek answers with the solution of the model; Lacan’s psychoanalysis in its core with Hegelian dialectics. Dialectics lets you see the thing as well as all of it links at its concrete historical context. But it does not mean we need to see everything. Rather Hegel’s idea is opposite; we see too many things. In order to grasp the thing’s core potentiality (possibility) we need to bypass empirical sensations and grasp the idea that forms the core of the thing.

Sublation is not an endless process. The sublation of sublation is abrogation. The process of sublation can only reach its end (fulfillment) by way of the counter-move (abrogation).

The common mistake is that Hegelian-dialectics is the process with a subject and the material-dialectics is the process without a subject. In the stage of absolute-knowledge, the subject is passive; merely recognizes the object’s self-determination without intervening in the object. Kant’s active role of subject is not necessary any more. The subjectivity becomes objectivity.

What Marxism focuses on is not the hidden content of the form (which classical economists are interested in), but the form itself. The focus is not how commodities work, but why labor becomes a form of commodity.

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