[JavaScript] ECMAScript2015 (ES6)

ECMAScript2015 (or ES6, many developers are still called) is the major improvement in JavaScript.


1. ECMAScript2015

ECMAScript 2015 is an ECMAScript standard that was ratified in June 2015. This is the 6th edition of JavaScript, so it was (still is) widely called “ES6”.


2. New Features

ECMAScript2015 introduced many new features that JavaScript has lacked as an object-oriented language.

Here is the list of new features.

  • variables: let, const, binary/octal literals
  • syntax: template strings, destructuring
  • function parameters: default parameters, rest parameters, spread (…)
  • classes: class syntax, constructor, get and set, inheritance
  • functions: arrow functions, iterators, generators
  • asyncs: promises, asynchronous generators
  • objects: enhanced object literals, Object.is(), Object.assign(), Proxies, Symbols
  • modules: import, export
  • new data structures: Set, Map, WeakMap and WeakSet
  • And many other enhancements to built-in objects: Number, Math, Array


3. Browser Support

Recent browser support ECMAScript2015 features quite well.

You can check the full list here:


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