[React_Redux] Redux – Actions

Redux Actions are where the Redux store gets a new state.


1. Actions

A Redux action is a source for the store. It is just a simple plain JavaScript object. The only requirement is it should have a “type” property.
In general, you have more properties as data.
// action object
  type: ADD_COMPANY,
  name: 'Company A'


2. Action Creators

A action creator is a function to create and return an action. The term ‘Action‘ and ‘Action Creator‘ are used interchangeably but the proper meanings of the terms are
  • Action: object
  • Action Creator: function
const addAction (name) => {
  return { 
    type: ADD_COMPANY,


3. store.dispatch(action)

The store.dispatch() function is used to send actions to the store. This is the only way to trigger a state change in Redux.
The important thing is that, by default, the dispatch() function gets the Action object (not a function) as a parameter.
const onClickHandler = (evt) {
  let name = evt.target.value;
  store.dispatch(addAction(name)); // action object is passed.
  // store.dispatch(addAction); --- wrong 

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