Philosophizing – The World

The first step of philosophizing my life is to know the world where we live (more correctly, where I live).

In my opinion, the world is purely mechanical, nothing less, nothing more. It does not matter whether the world consists of atoms, micro-particles, strings, energy, or Qi (Chi). The universe and its constituents simply work mechanically.

Somehow, the universe looks harmonious (a.k.a. Cosmos) even though many violent events occur. However, this is just a misunderstanding from the wrong point of view. It is not true that because the universe is harmonious, we exist. Rather, because we exist, the universe LOOKS harmonious. The harmony of the Cosmos does not come from the outside of the universe (God) or even the inside of it. It is just our idea or imagination. The universe does not care whether it should support life forms or not.

Scientists agree that this universe can be one of the millions of billions of universes or at least one possible condition of a limitless number of possibilities. What happened in our universe is not from outside. It is a pure chance.

For me, the existence of God does not really matter. Since the Big Bang, the universe has existed in its own way. God might have created the world, who knows? But it is clear to me God has not affected anything since. We (Human beings) created Gods, not Gods created us. Nietzsche already declared God was dead.

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