Ludwig Wittgenstein


Wittgenstein worked on logic, the philosophy of mathematics, and the philosophy of language. His unique idea of how logical relationship between the world and propositions (or philosophical arguments).

Tractatus vs. Investigations

TractatusPhilosophical Investigations
Set the limitation of what can be thought that sets precise limits to what can be saidHow language functions in various everyday situations
Try to resolve the confusion about the logic of our language, which is the root of philosophical problems.


Vienna Circle

  • The interaction with the Vienna circle (Rudolf Carnap, Moritz Schlick, Herbert Feigl) was not fruitful.
  • There were some positive discussions about logic and the foundation of mathematics, but Wittgenstein did not agree on the circle’s view on metaphysics. The Vienna circle members misread/misunderstood Tractatus and misused Wittgenstein’s idea to support their positivistic philosophy.

Philosophical Investigations

Read my book review.

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