[AWS Architect] (39) EBS Snapshots

A snapshot is a point-in-time backup of an ESB Volume stored in S3.

  • To protect against AZ failure, EBS snapshots (to S3) can be used.
  • Snapshots are incremental. The initial snapshot is a full copy, and future ones only store the data changed since the last snapshot, which can reduce the storage cost.
  • You can take a snapshot while the instance is running. When you back up a root volume, you need to stop the instance for data integrity.
  • You can create an AMI from a snapshot.
  • EBS volumes are in the same AZ of the EC2 instance.

Use Cases

  • Use case 1: Move volumes between AZs.
    1. Take a snapshot
    2. Create an AMI from it
    3. Launch an instance using the AMI.
  • Use case 2: Move volumes between regions.
    1. Take a snapshot
    2. Create an AMI from it
    3. Copy the AMI to another region
    4. Launch a new instance using the AMI.

Other Features

  • Snapshots can be copied between regions, shared, and automated using Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM).
  • Snapshots copied from an encrypted EBS volume will also be encrypted. Since CMK (Customer Master Key) is regional, a new CMK from the destination region will be needed for cross-region copies.
  • You can share snapshots with other accounts.
  • Fast Snapshot Restore (FSR) allows you to promptly restore fully provisioned EBS volumes from snapshots, regardless of the size of the volume or snapshot.

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