Issue – Norms

President Trump has lost the election. We are bombarded with all those media articles about how the President would react, what he will do – another crazy, non-common-sensical behavior-, and what kind of norms he is going to break this time.

In the last couple of years, the media has treated the President as nothing but a madman. And then the election became another surprise. How do so many people still support this mad man? Why are there so many stupid herds out there?

Media, mass, and propaganda are the main topics in political debates for a long time. Chomsky strongly argued that the special group – media and business class – has formed the public opinions through elaborate propaganda schemes. Many post-modern philosophers (Michel de Certeau, Jean Baudrillard, etc.) argue that mass is not just a stupid mass and cannot be manipulated easily. Mass has inertia both in physics and politics.

President Trump was an outcast in political circles. Media always mocked him – even though there are good reasons in most cases. – He does not represent the interests of Chomsky’s special group nor the benefits of general people. We witnessed that he only represented himself. It makes him a mad man who does not adhere to the norms. Also, this might attract many supporters.

We might have lost what to look at in politics during the Trump presidency. It is time to think again how democracy is working.

He can’t and won’t overturn the election result, but he can cause plenty more havoc on his way out.


[The Atlantic] The 3 Norms Trump Could Still Break

How Trump Could Wreak Havoc Before Inauguration Day – The Atlantic

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