[Movie] El Dorado (1966)

  • Directed by: Howard Hawks
  • Cast: John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Caan, Charlene Holt
  • Based on: The Stars in Their Courses (novel) by Harry Brown

El Dorado is the late-period Western movie by Howard Hawks. The movie might not be one of the best ones by the director, but the reception has been positive for a long time.

For me, the movie is a mixed bag. It serves the purpose quite well as an entertainment movie – a nice plot, good acting by John Wayne and Robert Mitchum, smooth directing, and even good humor throughout. You won’t feel anything is lagging throughout the 2-hour running time. At the same time, it will keep frowning you – general depiction of women, no-sense action (jumping under the running horses), and casual racism (the depiction of a Chinese man).

I am just wondering how we tolerated the casual misogyny and racism even a half-century ago. Globalization comes with the price economically and culturally. But I am glad there has been an improvement in our conception of other genders and races, even though we have a long road ahead.

I still recommend watching this movie. But be careful and be critical.

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