[Movie] Cure (1997)

  • Original Title: キュア
  • Directed by: Kiyoshi Kurosawa
  • Cast: Kōji Yakusho, Masato Hagiwara, Tsuyoshi Ujiki

Cure” is a Japanese horror (crime) film, which follows a detective, Takebe, investigating a series of murder cases, where an X is carved. In each murder, a murderer is found near the victim and does not know why he or she committed a murder.

Even though it follows the murder cases, the focus is on the psychology of various characters. The charm of the film is the psychological penetration of seemingly normal minds of common people. The villain’s weapon is to provoke the dark side or hidden part of others’ emotions. We have learned to control our emotions and do the right things even though they might give us immediate displeasure. It is what we, human beings, are different from animals. We have reasons and can overcome instincts. But, at the same time, we are weak as well as complex. With the slight nudging at the right moment, we can act in a quite different way from usual. Fear is always with us.

The story starts with gruesome crime cases and an investigation of them. And then we are transferred to the more mystic realm as the main villain, Mamiya, appears. Masato Hagiwara’s acting as Mamiya even leads you to a state of uneasiness, frustration, and anger. Viewers, as well as the characters in the movie, are challenged to keep our emotions calm and stay at the level of consciousness. It is quite intriguing to watch this horror film of a very different style.

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