[Movie] Wanda (1970)

  • Directed by: Barbara Loden
  • Cast: Barbara Loden, Michael Higgins

Norman Dennis: If you don’t want anything you won’t have anything, and if you don’t have anything, you’re as good as dead.

from the movie

Aimlessness” is the one word that describes Barbara Loden’s 1970 film “Wanda.” The film follows the actions and decisions of an apathetic woman. We can see she is in trouble and has limited options to choose. But it is still hard to follow her directionless journey and understand why and what she is doing.

It is interesting to watch a film, which is boring and still interesting. It is plainly clear that Wanda’s drifting journey is not a path to her freedom or a new start. It is the closed path of passive acceptance. There is neither victory nor escape. Wanda can be the most depressing character you’ve ever seen in films.

Ironically, the aimless wandering sets the realistic tone of the movie. Wanda cannot articulate her desires and accepts anything as her fate. Some say Barbara Loden is a female counterpart to John Cassavetes. Yes, there are definitely some similarities in their works, especially the expressiveness of people’s lives. But, at the same time, Loden’s work seems more natural and realistic.

The film can be a touch and boring watch, or you might find some charms. Try and find out!

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