[Philosophy] Anaxagoras

Anaxagoras describe the universe as a mixture of primary ingredients. He is also famous for his Astronomical and mathematical research.

  • c. 500 BC ~ c. 428 BC
  • Ionia -> Athens

Cosmology – Something of Everything in Everything

Everything can be divided into smaller parts, but even in the smallest parts, there are fragments of all other things.

Anaxagoras called these minuscule particles “seeds” and the force that orders the universe “nous,” which means mind or reason.

  • Nous is the ordering force responsible for the creation and the structure of the universe. It is external to and separate from the fundamental elements.


For Anaxagoras, observing the celestial bodies and meteors is important to form his theory of the order of the universe.

  • All heavenly bodies are made of the same substance as Earth.
  • Anaxagoras was known for giving a correct explanation of eclipses and predicting the fall of the meteorite.

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