[AWS] VPC – Subnets and Routing Tables

Subnets are the logic network that you group your resources in a single local network. Communication in and out of a subnet is of critical importance, and a routing table contains the rules on how traffic can be directed.

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[AWS] AWS Networking Fundamentals

Clouding Computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand access to IT resources (compute, storage, and applications) through services. The key characteristics of cloud computing are on-demand, resource pooling, elasticity, broad network access, and measured services with pay as you go.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Trade Capital Expense for Variable Resource – Only pay what you use
  • Stop guessing about capacity – Scale with the business needs
  • Massive economies of scale – Supported by big Cloud providers such as AWS
  • Increase speed and agility
  • No need to run and maintain data centers
  • Go global in minutes
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[Statistics 101] (2) Displaying Data

There are various ways to show your data to others. It is important how to organize and process data, but it is vital to show your data in a clear format so that your audience can get the idea right away. It is always a better idea to use present your data graphically using tables and charts.

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