Being lost in the world, but paving my own path, I am seeking the truth OR…

Technology and information have changed our lives so dramatically in the last half of the century.

I am a computer/web developer by profession and work in the center of the information era. This gives me a slight advantage to stand forward in this fast changing environment, but technology is already deeply engraved in everyday lives, so that I am in a constant struggle to understand or make sense of this life.

This blog is the ongoing negotiation with my life and the technocratic society around me.

As a web developer, I want the archive of my professional know-hows for a quick reference.  Also as a human being, I summarize what I have read, have thought, and have communicated.


The main part of this blog is to share my professional skills, which, I hope, helps other developers who seek the information which cannot be found in books.

Areas of interest:

  • Web Development: ASP.NET MVC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React/Redux and jQuery
  • Software Development: .NET Framework, C#, LINQ, Java and Design Patterns
  • SOA (Service-oriented architecture)DB (SQL), Entity Framework, WCF and Web API (RESTful Services) 
  • C++: C, C++, MFC, and Visual C++
  • Others: PowerShell


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!

    I really love the material you’re publishing here, and I’d llike to talk to you about publishing some of your content on Simple-talk.com. If you’re interested, please drop me an email (you should have my contact details in the comment details).


  2. I like your site. If I can make one suggestion, take credit and get something out of all your hard work… I couldn’t find your name anywhere. No resume. No LinkedIn profile.

  3. I have 25 EF classes. Does that mean I have to setup 25 partial MetadataType classes?
    In other words do I clone all the EF classes and apply my dataannotaion properties?

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