I have written a series of tutorials and learning materials for developers. You can download and use these materials freely as long as you use them in personal purposes.

The following Tutorials (PDF) are updated regularly. Please check the updated version.


SQL Server

  • Basic Queries: (Apr/2019) Download
  • Advanced Queries:
  • Optimizing Queries

C#, .NET Framework

  • Delegates and Events : (Jul/2015)   Download

Web Development

Step by Step Project – Human Resource Management Project

  • Part 1 – Entity Framework Code First : (May/2018) Download 
  • Part 2 – Entity Framework DbContext : (May/2018) Download
  • Part 3 – MVC : (May/2018) Download

You can download the latest code sample from here:

C / C++

  • C – Basics : Download
    • Pointers, Arrays, and Strings
    • Struct and Union
    • Functions
    • Streams
    • Dynamic Memory Management

© pyongwon lee


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