Issue – Smart Consumption

Every year in North America, there are a couple of occasions when we can have huge discounts for almost everything. Black Friday sales or Boxing days are well known. One of the chances is the Amazon prime day sales (10/13 – 10/14 in 2020). Even weeks before the event, we were bombarded by the advertisement from Amazon and shopping guides from all types of media.

I am looking around me and counting what I possess now. Just check the gadgets that use home Wi-Fi. I have a laptop, a desktop PC, a tablet, an e-book reader, and , oh, a smart speaker. And a cellphone, of course. Do I need all of them? Maybe not. But if one of them is broken, I am sure I will buy a new one.

Consumption is the key factor of a capitalistic economy. There was once an argument that supply can create consumption, but we are producing a lot more than our normal cycle requires. It is based on how capitalism works at a fundamental level. Capitalism is basically a flow of capital ( money and products), and the flow should not be interrupted. Also, to make a profit, we need to grow continuously. That is why marketing is so important. In capitalism, it is not enough to produce just as much as people need. It is crucial to create new needs, and then we can produce and consume more. The basic policy to overcome depression is to boost consumption and regain consumer confidence. That is the world we live in.

We do not live in a time that we encourage saving and discourage consumption. But consumption comes with responsibility.

Amazon said in a press release Thursday that Prime Day, a two-day event that took place earlier this week marked the “two biggest days ever” for small and medium-sized businesses. Prime Day usually takes place in July but was rescheduled this year due to the coronavirus.

By Nathaniel Meyersohn – October 15, 2020

[CNN Business] Amazon just had its biggest Prime Day ever

Sale events throw a lot at you, which is why it’s important to shop strategically.

By Nathan Burrow – Published Sept. 28, 2020, Updated Oct. 12, 2020

[The New York Times – Home] 5 Things to Avoid on Prime Day

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