[Issue] Credibility

Credibility is the basic assumption with which we live together. We voluntarily give up some of our freedom to ensure that our state can provide a secure environment for all of us to share. This social contract is based on our mutual agreement, and the state plays a crucial role.

The biggest concern of Trump’s administration is the credibility and predictability. Media bombarded us with Trump’s hectic individual traits during his presidency, but this new crisis – Trump is positive with COVID – shows that it is a general problem of the White House staff.

Even now, the staff and Trump himself throw the contradicting messages regarding the president’s health, making it hard to predict and prepare the next moves.

The mixed messages from the government boost the spreading of the next-level of rumors in general. There is no fine line to tell what is reliable or what is not. We just accept what we already thought or what we want to hear. Others are fake news, or unproven blames.

The selection of the close members around Trump in the White House has been controversial from the start. Non-consistent messages have blurred real issues and provoked the partition-led battles rather than cooperation. We know the staffs are unqualified – including Trump – but they are not dumb. Only by invoking battles, the administration can survive and might win the next election. They know it.

Speaking from a White House that already has a huge credibility problem with the public, Meadows’ statement capped a 24-hour period that served as a master class in opacity and contradiction that raised major questions about the President’s health — and renewed questions about this administration’s ability to tell the truth.

For much of this year, Trump has spun an alternate reality about the dangers of coronavirus — disputing science and the efficacy of masks, downplaying the risks to the American people, and making false statements about how 99% of coronavirus cases in America are “totally harmless” or that the virus “affects virtually nobody.”

by Maeve Reston, CNN – Sun October 4, 2020

[CNN] Trump’s alternate reality of Covid-19 crumbles as the White House obfuscates


The changing and at times contradictory accounts created a credibility crisis for the White House at a crucial moment, with the president’s health and the nation’s leadership on the line. With Trump expected to remain hospitalized several more days and the presidential election looming, his condition is being anxiously watched by Americans.

The Associated Press – Oct 03, 2020

[CBC] Officials report mixed messages on Trump’s health after COVID-19 hospitalization.


The White House offered a barrage of conflicting messages and contradictory accounts about President Trump’s health on Saturday as he remained hospitalized with the coronavirus for a second night and the outbreak spread to a wider swath of his aides and allies.

By Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman – Oct. 3, 2020

[New York Times] Trump’s Symptoms Described as ‘Very Concerning’ Even as Doctors Offer Rosier Picture


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