Setting up .NET for Apache Spark

In general, you are developing Spark application using Scala, Python, or R. But do not panic if you are a C# developer. .NET for Apache Spark provides high-level APIs for using Spark from C#.


  • DataFrame and SparkSQL for working with structured data.
  • Spark Structured Streaming for working with streaming data.
  • Spark SQL for writing queries with SQL syntax.
  • Machine learning integration for faster training and prediction

Prepare your environment

You can find the detailed instruction in the following link or follow the steps below.

Tutorial: Get started with .NET for Apache Spark

Install .NET SDK

  • Download and install the latest .NET SDK
  • If you have installed Visual Studio, .NET SDK is already installed.
  • Add the dotnet.exe to your Path.
  • Verify the .NET SDK

Install Java, 7Zip, Apache Spark, and winutils.exe

Follow the “Install PySpark on Windows” documentation to install Spark.

[Note] Install JDK 8. JDK 9+ does not work. Use this link to download JDK8.

[Note] Beware of the version of Apache Spark that .NET supports. You might need to choose the specific version rather than the latest one.

Install .NET for Apache Spark

  • Go to the Microsoft.Spark.Worker download page and download the most recent version such as “”.
  • Unzip the file in the folder of your choice, such as “C:\Apps”
  • Set the environment variable.
DOTNET_WORKER_DIR = C:\Apps\Microsoft.Spark.Worker-2.1.1

Change the Default Spark Logging Level

If you run the application in the tutorial, you see a lot of logging messages in the console.

You can change the default logging level like this.

  1. At first open the File Explorer and move to the “%SPARK_HOME%/conf” folder
  2. Copy the “” file in the same folder and rename it as ““.
  3. Open the file in the text editor and change the following line
log4j.rootCategory=INFO, console


log4j.rootCategory=WARN, console

You can use the following logging levels:


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