[AWS] VPC – NAT Gateway

NAT (Network Address Translation)

NAT remaps source IPs or destination IPs. (It translates private IPs to public IPs and vice versa.)

  • Static NAT
    • A private IP is mapped to a public IP at a 1:1 ratio. (such as Internet Gateway).
  • Dynamic NAT
    • A range of private IPs are dynamically mapped to one or more public IPs (Home router or NAT Gateways).
    • To achieve high availably, create one dynamic NAT per AZ.
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[Tutorial] Python Basics

Python is one of the most popular general programming languages nowadays.

  • It is easy to start! Python is the choice of language for new programmers.
  • You can start with functional programming and then move on to object-oriented programming with Python.
  • You can do many things with Python – general algorithm, gaming, web, and even machine learning.
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