[Statistics 101] (3) Summarizing Data

Summarizing Categorical Data

  • The percentage of individuals falling into each category: Pie Graphs
  • Use crosstabs or two-way tables to display information from 2 categories at once

[Example] You get the following data from the survey.

The number of individuals who took part in the survey: 1,000
The number of males: 400
The number of females: 600

Age < 30: 550 (250 males and 300 females) Age >= 30: 450 (150 males and 300 females)

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[Statistics 101] (2) Displaying Data

There are various ways to show your data to others. It is important how to organize and process data, but it is vital to show your data in a clear format so that your audience can get the idea right away. It is always a better idea to use present your data graphically using tables and charts.

Numerical DataCategorical Data
Pie Charts
Bar Graphs
Time Charts (Line Graphs)
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