[AWS] Kinesis

Kinesis is a fully managed, scalable, and resilient streaming service. It is designed to ingest a large amount of data in real-time from many producers – such as video, audio, application logs, website clickstreams, and IoT telemetry data -.


The processing is real time. You can process and analyze data as it arrives
without having to wait until all your data is collected.

Use Kinesis (rather than SQS) when you need many producers/consumers.

  • Streaming Data: data generated continuously by a large number of sources
    • online purchase, stock prices, social network data, geo-spatial data, or game data

Kinesis Services

Kinesis a family of streaming services.

  • Streaming Services: Data Streams & Video Streams
    • Real-time streaming for ingesting data/video
    • You are responsible to create consumers.
    • No automatic scaling
  • Data Firehose
    • Data Transfer service at near real-time (within 60 seconds)
    • Easy to use: Plug-and-Play with AWS architecture
  • Data Analytics
    • Query and Analyze data in real-time using standard SQL

Kinesis vs. SQS

When to use Kinesis instead of SQS as a message broker:

  • When you need to use the real-time message delivery
  • When there are many publishers

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