[AWS] Amazon GuardDuty

GuardDuty is an intelligent threat (anomaly) detection service.

Intelligent threat detection – Amazon GuardDuty – Amazon Web Services


GuardDuty continuously monitors your AWS accounts and workloads and detects any unauthorized behavior using machine learning.

  • GuardDuty uses machine learning for threat detection.
  • It takes 7~14 days to set a baseline (normal behavior).
  • GuardDuty updates a database of known malicious domains or IPs using external feeds from third parties.


  • It has Built-in detection for EC2, S3, and IAM.
  • It monitors CloudTrail, VPC, Flow Logs, and DNS logs.
  • Alerts appear in the GuardDuty console and CloudWatch Events.


  • Unusual API calls
  • API calls from known malicious domains or IPs
  • Unauthorized deployments
  • Port Scanning
  • Crypto-currency mining

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