Internet Gateway (IGW) is a VPC component that allows communication between resources in the VPC and the internet. It is horizontally scaled, redundant, and highly available.

Internet Gateway (IGW)

Internet Gateway (IGW) is an entry point to the VPC from the public.

  • IGW provides NAT (Network Address Translation) for instances that have a public IP assigned:
    • Translation between public IP to Private IP
  • Only one IGW can be attached to a VPC at a time.
    • AN IGW cannot be detached from a VPC while there are active AWS resources.
  • The default VPC has an IGW attached by default.

Egress Internet Gateway

Egress IGW is an outgoing-only internet gateway for IPv6-enabled resources.

  • Egress IGW is used for IPv6 traffic only.
  • It allows IPv6 traffic from VPC to access to the internet.
  • It denies any outside traffic back into the VPC.

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