[AWS] EC2 – AMIs

AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) are containers that are used to build instances (OS + SW packages + settings).


  • Snapshots of EBS volumes are created automatically and used to create an AMI.
  • AMI stores a snapshot of EBS volumes, permissions, and a block device mapping.
  • AMIs need to have appropriate launch permissions (private, a specific account, or public).
  • AMIs can be copied to other AWS regions.
  • AMI is used with Auto Scaling to launch new servers on demand.
  • AMIs are only available in the region they are created.
  • You can select the AMI based on: Region, OS, Architecture (32, 64, Arm), Launch Permissions, Root Storage Types (EBS or Instance store volume).
  • EBS is from the snapshot, and an Instance store volume is from the template.

Types of AMIs

  • Community AMIs (free)
  • AWS Market AMIs (pay to use + additional licensed software)
  • My AMIs

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