[AWS] AWS CodeCommit

CodeCommit is a managed source control service that hosts private Git repositories.


  • Collaboration
    • Developers collaborate on code.
    • Commit, branching, merging, and pull requests
  • Encryption
    • All codes are encrypted and secured in AWS.
    • At Rest: AWS KMS
    • In Transit: HTTPS, SSH
  • Security
    • IAM
  • Monitoring
    • CloudWatch and CloudTrail
    • Notification with SNS and Lambda
  • High Availability and Durability
    • There are no limits on file types or sizes.
    • AWS CodeCommit stores your repositories in Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB.

Using IAM with CodeCommit

You can configure your Git client to communicate with CodeCommit repositories.

  • Git credentials with HTTPS Connection (Recommended)
    • You can generate a static use name and password pair in the IAM console.
  • SSH keys with SSH
  • AWS CLI credential helper with HTTP
    • AWS access keys

You cannot use your IAM username and password to access CodeCommit.

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