[AWS] AWS CodeDeploy

Code Deploy automates deployments of an application to cloud (EC, Lambda), or on-premise environments.

AWS CodeDeploy

  • Minimize downtime, stop and rollback, centralized control

Deployment Types

With the rolling deployment, CodeDeploy eliminates the downtime of your application during the deployment.

  • In-place deployment: existing servers are updated with a new version of applications
  • Blue/Green deployment (EC2): Traffic is shifted from old instances to new ones
  • Blue/Green deployment (Lambda): Traffic is shifted from one Lambda to another
    • Canary: a percentage of traffic is shifted to a new version, wait for a specific time and shift others
    • Linear: traffic is shifted in equal increments with a specified interval
    • All at once: all traffic is shifted immediately

Code Deploy AppSec file

  • source, destination, what to install

Lifecycle Hooks

  • BeforeInstall, AfterInstall, ApplicationStart, ApplicationStop, ValidateService …

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