[AWS] CloudFormation (CFN)

CFN is an Infrastructure as Code (IAC) product – you can create, manage, and remove infrastructure automatically.

CloudFormation (CFN)


A CFN template is JSON or YAML. It contains logical resources and configuration.

  • A template can create up to 200 resources.
  • The Resource section is mandatory.
  • Optional sections: Metadata, Parameters, Mappings, Conditions, Transform, Outputs


Resources are identified with Resource type identifiers.
e.g.) AWS::EC2::Instance, AWS::IAM:Role, AWS::S3::Bucket


Stacks are created and modified based on templates, which can be changed and used to update a stack.

  • Stacks take logical resources from a template and create, update, or delete physical resources in AWS.
  • If a stack is deleted, any resources it has created are also deleted.
  • A stack can be updated by uploading a new version of a template.
  • New logical resource -> New physical resource
  • Removed logical resource -> causes the stack to delete physical resources.
  • Changed logical resources -> some disruption or replace physical resources.


  • Quick deployment and Easy cleanup
  • Allows to prepare for disaster recovery
  • Infrastructure version control

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