[AWS] Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor provides a real-time guidance to provision resources based on AWS best practices.


  • Check your accounts and make recommendations
    • reduce cost
    • increase performance
    • and improve security
  • Check the service limits
  • Help you to understand best practices

Use Cases

AWS Trusted Advisor provides the following checks:

  • Free Checks – Basic Support
    • Security groups – Unrestricted access for ports on EC2 instances
    • S3 bucket polices for public access
    • MFA on the root account
    • RDS public snapshots
    • Service usage over the 50% of the service limit
  • Checks with Enterprise or Business support
    • IAM password policy
    • Service usage over the 80% of the service limit
    • Exposed access keys
    • CloudFront content delivery optimization

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