[AWS] Route 53

Route 53 configures and manages domains: domain registration, DNS (Domain Name System) service, and health checking. – DNS uses port 53. That is how the name comes from.

  • Route 53 is commonly used with ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) and CloudFront.
  • Split-View DNS option (Hosted zones) allows maintaining both a private and a public hosted zone with the same domain name.
    • The private hosted zones are allowed with VPCs. Associated VPCs can see the interval version of a website by using the private zone’s A record.
    • A public hosted zone holds the information about how to route the public domain name. The host (www) portion is not included in a public zone’s naming convention.
  • In Route 53, the TTL (Time to Live) is the amount of time that the DNS resolver will cache the record.
  • When creating an A record, you need to specify TTL, a routing policy, and IP values.
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