AWS ECS runs highly secure, reliable, and scalable containers.

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)


  • ECS is a management system of Containers at scale.
  • ELB(Elastic Load Balancer) integration
  • Security with IAM roles

Task Definition

Task definitions specify the container information for your application

  • type compatibility
    • Fargate, EC2, or External (ECS Anyware)
  • Task size
    • Memory and vCPU
  • Container image
  • Host port mapping


Once you have a task definition, you need to setup a cluster to run a task. An Amazon ECS cluster is a regional grouping of one or more container instances on which you can run task requests.

In the cluster Tasks tab, you can run a new task inside the cluster.

  • Pricing Model
    • On-demand instances or Spot instances
  • Instance Type and AMI ID
  • The number of instances
  • Network settings
    • VPC, Subenets, and Security Groups

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