[AWS] Amplify

AWS Amplify is a set of services and tools that help developers build secure, scalable full stack applications.

Amplify includes an open-source framework with use-case-centric libraries and a powerful toolchain to create and add cloud-based features to your application, and a web-hosting service to deploy static web applications.



  • Amplify Studio
    • Visual Interface environment to build and deploy a full-stack app quickly
  • Amplify CLI (Command Line Interface)
    • Local toolchain to configure and manage an app backend
  • Amplify Libraries
    • Open-source client libraries to build cloud powered mobile and web apps
  • Amplify UI Components
    • Open-source design system with cloud-connected components
  • Amplify Web Hosting
    • Fully managed CI/CD and hosting for fast, secure, and reliable static and server-side rendered apps

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