[Ursula K. Le Guin] The Dispossessed

  • Title: The Dispossessed – An Ambiguous Utopia
  • Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Published: 1974
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • ISBN: 006051275X

The Dispossessed is the sixth novel of the Hainish Cycle. The main theme is the development of the mathematical/scientific theory of space and time. The theory will be a basis of a fictional ansible, a device capable of immediate communication at any distance, which plays a very crucial role in the universe of the Hainish Cycle.  

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[Philosophy] The Nature of the Universe

The most fundamental question of all human thoughts can be about us (human beings) and the world we live in. How did the universe come into being, or what is its most basic substance? Even though we think the answer belongs to the realm of sciences nowadays, seeking the nature of the universe has been the essential activity of Philosophy since its birth. Even now, philosophy can be a fundamental tool for integrating all scientific knowledge into a single grand system of thought.

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[ML] Machine Learning

Machine Learning

  • Modeling (What): the process of creating a model to understand how the collected data interact in an specified environment
  • Trial and Error (How): the process of making guesses about what will happen, measuring the output, and updating the model accordingly
  • Predictions (Why, Goal): making correct predictions with new data
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[Thought] Price and Labor

In our everyday lives, we want many different goods, which we need as necessities, for satisfaction, or even just for showing off.

We may want many things, but we have only limited resources – money – to exchange with goods. It is the heart of modern Economics – scarcity and decision making-.

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[AWS] Serverless

Serverless” is an architecture where an entire infrastructure is managed by a cloud provider, and the resources are dynamically allocated on demand. A cloud provider handles the infrastructure management tasks (such as capacity provision, patching, auto-scaling, and high availability) so that you can focus on writing code.

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